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Mit ist heute bewusst geworden, dass der NaNoWriMo wieder begonnen hat. Ich fand das Konzept immer toll, habe mich aber auch gescheut, ein eigenes Projekt zu beginnen. Im alltäglichem Leben vernachlässige ich oft das kreative Arbeiten, das mir aber sehr viel Spaß macht.

Beim Stöbern zum Thema NaNoWriMo bin ich auf die Seite Schriftsteller werden gestoßen und habe mir den Beitrag zur Schneeflocken-Methode durchgelesen. Vielleicht hilft das ja dabei, dass ich mich auch mal an Projekte heranwage.

Auf derselben Seite wird yWriter bewertet, ein Tool, welches Schriftstellern beim Schreibprozess helfen soll. Einen Versuch ist es wert. :)
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This image seems to rise in the subreddit wtf:

In the future, there will be only one taboo ...

... creating robots with gigantic dildo arms.
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As Monty Python's Holy Grail is one of my favourite films of all times, I was instantly interested, when there was a post about it on Mashable today. Well, actually it was not really a post about the original film, but about a fan made new trailer with a totally different approach to the original material.

I think it's very well done and shows that Monty Python's original material is so fantastic it can be adapted to almost every time and genre.
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Today I found an interesting article about Livejournal and its userbase on Mashable.
I still remember times when a lot of US users where on that platform and gave life to a variety of fandom communities. The greatest decline of users, in my opinion, came with the Strikethrough in 2007 and I was one of the users who didn't like LJ's decisions back then. Still, it seems like no other platform has ever since been able to build the strong community character I felt back at LJ before that split.
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After a long hiatus it seems I'll give posting a try again. I know that my real life will keep me busy and sometimes I will hardly find a chance to post anything. On the other hand I miss fandom and keeping in touch with my friends through my journal.

I'll start with sharing my current favorite song/video which was introduced to me at the gym by their own music channel:

I like the alien like character in the video, especially the one who blasts away the boy band. Some days ago I watched a documentary about a London model agency called Ugly Models. I think the guy/head at the end of the video was a model of that agency and I could imagine the bald guy to be one of their models, too.
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This is definitely on my to watch list. :)


Oct. 8th, 2011 03:34 pm
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Wie geht das denn? Es geht schon in die siebte Staffel von Supernatural? Wieder mal nichts mitbekommen.
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Yesterday I met a friend who had been in Japan recently. He is a really nice guy and he gave me this:

It's KitKat Sakura Maccha (Cherry and Green Tea), which became my favourite KitKat favourite flavour when I stayed in Japan. As far as I know, you only get this flavour in Japan. (Maybe they sell it in other Asian countries, but I am not sure.)

I really miss the variety of KitKat flavours in Japan. You can't find them in Germany! I wish Nestle would introduce them on the German market.
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I just finished watching the kdrama Beethoven Virus (베토벤 바이러스). In fact some time ago I already started watching it, but then stopped, because the first episode seemed confusing. Since then I have watched a lot of different kdramas and I got used to first episodes which are not very coherent.

One reason to start watching again was of course Jang Geun Suk, who plays one of the main roles. I love whatever he does! For example his singing:

More about Beethoven Virus )
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I just noticed yesterday, that the Glee producers started the Glee Project to cast people for a seven episode appearance on the show. The concept sounded quite interesting since you can get glimpses on who will get a role in the third season. I started watching the Glee Project and it's amazing how many talented people are out there. I am jealous and overwhelmed by this. Must know who won the project. I have my favourites! :)
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Ich bin gerade über folgenden Blogeintrag gestoßen, den ich gerne weitergeben möchte:

Blogeintrag auf 'Grober Unfug'
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Beim Blättern durch ein Buchmagazin ist mir das Cover von Wolfgang Hohlbeins "Chronik der Unsterblichen: Glut und Asche" ins Auge gesprungen. Ich hatte zwar die ersten Teile der Chronik der Unsterblichen angelesen, aber sie hatten mir nicht gefallen. Das Cover dieses Buches schafft, was der gesamte Inhalt bei mir nicht schaffen wird: mich begeistern. Wahrscheinlich kommt das aber eher daher, dass hier mit meinem Slash-Herz gespielt wird (Sieht er nicht aus, als könnte er eine männliche Umarmung gebrauchen?). Wer auch immer das Cover gestaltet hat: 100% Trefferquote.