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I just finished watching the kdrama Beethoven Virus (베토벤 바이러스). In fact some time ago I already started watching it, but then stopped, because the first episode seemed confusing. Since then I have watched a lot of different kdramas and I got used to first episodes which are not very coherent.

One reason to start watching again was of course Jang Geun Suk, who plays one of the main roles. I love whatever he does! For example his singing:

Beethoven Virus is about the relationships between a conductor, his student and a female violin player. You may think the drama will develop into the typical love triangle, but the focus never shifts to that aspect (although for a short moment there is something liḱe that). The main focus lies on the orchestra around these three people and the individual stories of the orchestra members.

The drama didn't get me hooked like others did, but it had it's moments. I especially like the celebration of classical music and the bitchyness of the maestro. He is a coldhearted asshole after all, that's his part! I believed that there could be a guy like that and that made the drama quite interesting. You never know what level his bitchyness will reach.

All in all I enjoyed the drama, but I was also a bit disappointed in the conclusion of the story. It felt like something was missing, for example the cheesy happy ending where everything is well or the dramatic separation of all characters. The drama though drifted softly into the last scene and then everything was over. I couldn't believe that the story had ended.

For everyone who likes classical music, dramas about orchestras or individual characters, this one is worth a try.


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